3 April 2018

The Yoga of Self Care: How to Look After Yourself without Feeling Guilty

Do you take on too much? Do you say ‘Yes’ to helping others when your body is screaming for you to say, ‘No. I have enough on my plate!’

Do you wish you had more peace and quiet but never seem to find the time?

Come and learn the secret of taking care of yourself without feeling guilty. And how to help your friends and family without overdoing it.


This workshop seminar combines practical work with inspiration and conversation.

You’ll leave with two powerful tools that you can use any time, anywhere:

One to replenish your energy.

The other to decide whether to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to a request for your time, energy or help.

Vena was born into the yogic tradition. She has created these tools from traditional practices that she was taught aged 4. They are modern, practical and speedy to use. Yet they carry the full benefit of thousands of years of traditional Yogic psycho-physical practices. Vena will share her own experience of using these tools to create success in her personal and professional life. Come, be inspired and join in the conversation. Bring a friend along too.


Bhuti wellbeing studio
50 Hill Rise
London TW10 6UB


Sunday April 15th 2-4pm


£35 OR £20 per person when you bring a friend

To book your place please call the venue on: 0330 400 3108 (standard charges apply. It is not a premium number)

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