“the doyenne of erotic counselling” ~British GQ

Vena is a romance and erotic pleasure mentor. She teaches people how to create fulfilling love lives and sex lives – whether its ending a partnership, creating a new relationship, or cultivating a deeper experience of erotic pleasure. She is known in the media for making conversations about sex comfortable, uplifting and intelligent.


Vena on ITV’s This Morning show

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Colleagues say:

“I was struck by the depth and warmth of her understanding of intimacy issues.” ~ Robert Page, Founder of The Lovers’ Guide

“Vena is really, really knowledgeable and I always welcome her views on passion and erotica.” ~ Nick Hewson, Creator of The Hewson Report ‘Women, Sex and Shopping’

“Vena has a highly evolved talent for drawing out the ‘god’ or ‘goddess’ in those she works with.” ~ The Barefoot Doctor

Next Event Secrets of the Kama Sutra

Workshops & salons Topics covered: The Art of Conscious Attraction; Dating after Divorce; Intimacy Skills; Secrets of the kama sutra; Put the Spark Back into Your Relationship.

One-to-One Coaching in the following areas:

Dilemmas of the Heart

To help you find resolution to questions and situations such as: Should I get a divorce? I’m in love with more than one person – how do I choose? I’m having an affair – how do I disentagle myself? I want to explore open relationship – how do I go about this?

Cultivating Erotic Pleasure

Learn how to prepare your body and mind to expand your enjoyment of romantic play – from flirtation to love making. Develop an understanding of your own pleasure and capacity for intimacy.

Managing Sexual Energy

For those interested in the esoteric potential of sexual energy to impact the every aspect of your life. Learn how to manage your sex energy to have optimal impact on your business success and spiritual wellbeing.


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